Burning Dante

Burning Dante, Lacey Thorn’s latest installment of the Marquetti clan, features Dante and Phoebe’s story. Phoebe has loved Dante for years. On a star glazed night, she gave her virginity to him… only to have him leave for the Marines without contacting her again. Twelve years later, he’s back and the attraction they have for one another is hotter than ever. The reunion between Phoebe and Dante covers a two day period and while the reader has a glimpse of the happily ever after, there were no platitudes of “I’ll love you forever-s” which was a refreshingly realistic, honest approach to a romance. Phoebe was hurt by Dante and she left soon after he did, only coming back in order to help out her mother. 
I read this as a stand-alone book, but there is back-story missing from the other Marquetti books. The glimpses of Dante’s point of view were spot on. The beginnings of a new relationship budding between Phoebe and Dante are deftly handled by Thorn and do not force unrealistic expectations that are unable to be believed.

Book Blurb for Burning Dante


Phoebe has been in love with Dante Marquetti since before she lost her virginity to the man. She can’t recall a time when he wasn’t the star of all her sexual fantasies. Now Dante is heading back home and she’s determined to have him one more time. She wants to make Dante burn the way she has all these years.

Dante arrives at his new apartment and is greeted by his neighbor out in the hall—naked. Welcome home! When he realizes it’s Phoebe, he decides there’s only one thing to do. He wants her in his bed…and tonight isn’t soon enough.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25