Boning Up

Boning Up introduces the readers to stressed out college student Carly Neal. After hours and hours of studying, she fails yet another Human Anatomy test. She asks the professor for help for the final two exams only to be told that it was basically never gonna happen. Enter Human Anatomy student extraordinaire, Brock Larson. He bets the professor that he can tutor Carly well enough to pass both tests- in exchange, she passes the course and he gets a recommendation from the professor for a position that he has been wanting.

Endless hours are spent reading dry texts and cramming in the library when Carly and Brock discover that hands on training is much more effective- and fun! This story is so much fun and the reader can definitely understand the frustration that Carly is experiencing. The story is crafted well and fun to read. It's my first time to read Summer Alan, but I'll definitely look for more!

Book Blurb for Boning Up

Length: 54 pages
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Description: Carly Neal stares at the big red “F” on her college Human Anatomy exam in Professor Harold's course. There’s another test tomorrow, and if she doesn’t do something drastic, she’ll fail again. Brock Larson needs something from the professor too—a recommendation to an internship at the Mayo Clinic. He’d rather ask just about anyone else, but the professor’s name on his submission will seal his future. The professor doesn’t care about helping either of them until Brock proposes a wager. If he can teach Carly enough human anatomy in the next two days to ace the exams, he’s obviously the best man for the job and deserves the recommendation. Although hesitant to be used as a bargaining chip, Carly reasons that studying with this man might be her only chance to pass the class. But Brock might have in mind a very different curriculum for her summer sessions!
To My Readers: Carly is the kind of college student I was—hard working and kind of smart but nowhere near brilliant. Science classes were not my long suit. Well, sometimes a girl has to find new and creative ways to learn difficult concepts. When I sat down to write Summer Sessions, I imagined a more fun way to learn human anatomy... the sort of tutoring that included more than the textbook. In this book, Carly and Brock come up with a method that probably won’t make it into any college in this country but would certainly prove interesting and probably blow away the bell curve of grade point averages. Enjoy!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75