Bad Kitty

Nikki Carson broke the cardinal business rule during last year's Halloween party. She hooked up with her boss's twin brother. Even worse- Patrick hasn't said a single word about their night together. So of course... she hasn't said anything either. When Patrick is roped into playing host again for this year's Halloween party, he is miffed. Nikki is geared up and ready to go for this year's party. No way is Patrick Nolan getting away from her claws this time. Through miscommunications, mis-representations and self-induced doubt, both Nikki and Patrick know what they want- they just need to get all the obstacles out of their way.

I liked this cute, quick story. I liked the fact that even with the obstacles, both Patrick and Nikki rolled with the punches, rather than mired themselves in angst.

Book Blurb for Bad Kitty

Reformed bad girl Nikki Carson has spent the past year trying to forget her boss's Halloween party and the unbelievable sex she had with her boss's hot twin, Patrick Nolan. Patrick hasn't mentioned that night since, much to Nikki's endless disappointment.

Years of following in the wake of his womanizing brother cause Patrick to wonder if Nikki even knows which twin she slept with. He can't believe she could possibly prefer him over her slick, polished boss. That doesn't mean he's been able to stop fantasizing about taking her again. Against the wall. On the floor. Everywhere.

It's Halloween again, and trick or treat takes on a whole new meaning when Nikki and Patrick go for round two. Especially since Nikki's come prepared with a Domme kitty costume meant to drive Patrick wild. And this kitty's ready to show her claws if she doesn't get what she wants.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75