Angel's Wolf

Westervelt Series, #6

Parker Liberty is the tall, dark, silent type. Literally. He hasn't spoken in over twenty years. After watching his father murder his mother, he fled the Westervelt island. Working in a diner, he keeps to himself and refuses to let his inner wolf out.

Angel Kane knows the history of Westervelt Island and refuses to go back. Her father is the reason so many male wolves went crazy and murdered the female wolves on the island. When she discovers her mate in a wolf working at a dinner, she fears that she will soon join her female family members.

Angel and Parker establish their mate bond quickly. There was no prevarication, just acceptance that this is their lot. When Angel is cursed by two witches, Parker takes her to Westervelt to get her assistance. They discover that the pack has changed drastically and they join the ranks. They also discover the power and responsibility that Angel carries, which will eventually lead to the big confrontation with the old Alpha.

The story flows smoothly and easily fits in as the sixth installment of the Westervelt series. I am ready for the final showdown between the old Alpha and the new Alpha of Westervelt.

Book Blurb for Angel's Wolf

Angel Kane has always known who her family was and why she was hidden away from them in New Orleans. Now on the run, the last thing she wants is anything that could potentially get in the way of the plan she’s made for herself. That is, until she walks into a truck stop in New Jersey and encounters Parker Liberty—the wolf fate has picked out to be her perfect mate.

Parker Liberty hasn’t uttered a word in almost forty years. Not since the horrible day he watched his father murder his mother on the island of Westervelt. He ignores his inner wolf and contents himself with expressing his inner emotions through his tattoos. But when a pair of witches almost kill Angel, he will return to Westervelt to save her.

Meanwhile, Westervelt is under constant attack from Kendrick Kane, the pack's former Alpha, whose evil knows no bounds. His ultimate goal is to see all of his children dead --and that includes his daughter, Angel. It is questionable whether the Westervelt pack can even survive the week. Angel and Parker’s arrival will either turn the tide of the war or end the pack forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25