And Best Friend Makes Three

Eric McFarland and Brenna West have been dating for one year and have never been happier. Brenna, a lighting designer, travels frequently for her company while Eric is a real estate agent. They met when Brenna was interested in locating her perfect dream house. One their first anniversary, both have grand ideas to celebrate their anniversary as well as their future.

Eric’s best mate from college, Keith Dillard, returns from the Middle East to relax and visit with his friend Eric and Brenna. Because of travelling conflicts, Brenna and Keith have not met, but know of one another. A teasing comment from Keith leads Eric to plot a spectacular ménage a trois for Brenna.

This short novella conveys the love and trust that Brenna and Eric have for one another while still encompassing a great deal of passion. The writing is solid and the relationship factor is strong while the sex scenes are hot.

Book Blurb for And Best Friend Makes Three

A teasing remark from his best friend sends Eric McFarland ten years back in time to his college days, when sex was wild and plentiful. Now happily engaged to Brenna West, Eric has no desire to be with any other woman.

When that best friend, Keith Dillard, pays a visit, Eric decides to turn Keith’s teasing remark into reality.
Brenna loves Eric with all her heart and wants no other man. Yet when Eric says he and Keith want to give her one night of incredible passion and pleasure, she can’t possibly turn down their generous offer.
Publisher’s Note:  Originally published in the Two Men and a Lady anthology.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.25