A Little Bit of Blackmail

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A Little Bit of Blackmail

A Little Bit of Blackmail features older sister Diane trying to find the jerk who has posted inappropriate pictures of her baby sister on the web. When she finds the guy- Brian Smith- she figures a little bit of tit for tat is just what the doctor ordered. Only problem? She picks the wrong Brian Smith.

When Diane initially tries to seduce Brian, the exchange is brutally awkward and completely relatable. For every come on she shoots his way, he shoots her down. Brian eventually figures out her game and while he is upset, at first, he becomes more impressed with Diane's need to protect her sister. He falls for her, unequivocally.

I had to agree with Diane at times, when she internalized just how quickly Brian worked. Within nine days, he was expressing love and affection for her. Can instant love happen? Sure. Considering this wasn't the average boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy and girl go out schtick, I could see Brian wanting to make an impression and fast. Diane annoyed me at times with her insecurities. I did like the story overall. We know the main players immediately, so the story and relationship evolution was comfortable.

Book Blurb for A Little Bit of Blackmail

When some creep plasters nude photos of Diane's kid sister on the internet, Diane plans a little revenge: seduce the guy until his clothes come off and take his picture. Then it's blackmail time. But has she targeted the wrong guy?

Brian's no stranger to the wiles of beautiful women. Most want him for his money, but Diane has a different objective: to trash his reputation. Furious, Brian resolves to teach her a lesson. until he learns the truth and loses his heart to this daring woman. But to win her trust and convince her he's not the villain, he has to best her at her own game.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.50