This was a super unique second chance story set in a futuristic type sci fi world. Ivo and Mack were lovers when they were young and then a tragic incident happens. It's years later and we find Ivo has no memory of his past. A series of events lead him to taking Mack as a prisoner and he feels the attraction again, even if he doesn't know why.

This was the second book in the series but it can be read as a standalone. The author has created a unique world here and I really enjoyed it. Despite the set up of the story it wasn't dark like I thought it might be. There was some funny banter between the two men and I loved seeing their romance bloom for a second time. There weren't a lot of secondary characters and it really focused on these two.

This was my first time reading this author and I really enjoyed her writing style. This is the second book in a series but I had not read book one. I was still able to enjoy this. I will be going back to read the first book some time soon.

Book Blurb for Trustworthy

Ten years ago, lovers and best friends Ivo Toreli and Robert Mackenzie were separated by death.

But sometimes life gives you second chances. Life...and a lot of cybernetic enhancements.

Trust Agent 505 may not remember who he was before he worked security for Trust Insurance, but now his prisoner thinks he knows him. This revolutionary named “Mack,” who has stolen one of Trust’s prized possessions, seems to think Agent 505 is named “Ivo,” someone from his past. Someone he once loved more than anyone on any of the inhabited worlds.

Ivo doesn’t remember any of it, of course. But if he’s going to get Trust’s property back from the revolutionaries, he’s going to have to play along.

And if playing along also means sleeping with a handsome, humorous, and slightly dangerous ex-soldier, all the better, right?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00