The Water Thief

The Water Thief is an enjoyable story about young lord, Sebastian, who has been falsely held in an insane asylum since he was a teen. He thinks his family is all dead and his future is grim and bleak. A chance storm destroys the walls one day and he escapes. After he finds shelter in the poor part of the city he realizes that his uncle has put an impostor in his place and they are currently ruling the land in his name. Sebastian goes undercover, back to his home, to try to figure out what is going on. He finds a number of interesting things, from magical powers to love.

I thought this was an interesting story that is fantasy in nature. It is set in two realms. The one Sebastian lives in and then later in the book, our realm. The world the author created was interesting but I did not like the way it was explained. It was done through telling not showing. Sebastian would ask questions of those around him and then they would explain it to him. That is how we learn everything we do about the worlds. It caused the storytelling to go on too long and I found myself getting bored as the characters would talk endlessly. It felt a little like listening to a lecture in school. This was my primary complaint with the book.

The characters themselves were enjoyable and unique. I really liked the relationship between Sebastian and Macsen. It was unexpected and I felt the chemistry between them. There were a host of side characters, both good and bad, that added to the story's plot.

Overall I enjoyed this and found it to be a solid read in the fantasy genre.

Book Blurb for The Water Thief

It takes a con to expose a con. But this con could strip their secrets bare.

Framed for his twin sister’s murder, Sebastian Swift has been kept drugged in a mental institution since age thirteen, aware of only one horrible fact—every night in his dreams, he drowns.

After a freak storm frees him, Sebastian learns the truth. His guardian, Emrys, has been siphoning off his inherited magical power over the waters of Cantre’r Gwaelod—one gruesome vial at a time. And the man’s bastard son, Macsen, has been raised in his place. Determined to find his twin’s killer, Sebastian assumes her identity.

Macsen Finch isn’t about to give up his guise as the young earl—and not just because of the fortune. His cousin’s return from the dead threatens Macsen’s own efforts to undermine his father’s evil plan. Yet he can’t deny his inexplicable attraction to the imposter.

Acting on their mutual desire puts them both at the mercy of a madman’s wrath. To stop Emrys from stealing his power, Sebastian will have to learn how to use it—and whom he can trust.

Warning: May contain copious exchange of fluids, men in corsets, and dirty dancing. Apply liberally before bedtime.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.50