The Ripple Effect

Rhiannon's Law, #3

Another good installment in the Rhiannon's Law series. In this, the third book of the series, Rhiannon is now back in our time but things between her and Disco are really going poorly. As a result she is also on bad terms with the rest of the family. Rhiannon is feeling bereft and alone. Disco and Paine aren't doing much better.

Rhiannon, Disco and Paine are trying to put the pieces back together when another crisis is thrown their way. Disco's maker Marius is on his way to town and he's angry. He has something he wants from Rhiannon and he won't take no for an answer. Worse yet Marius's maker, who is a brutal half demon, has said he will be coming too if Rhiannon doesn't cooperate.

Disco and Paine are in a panic because they cannot seem to make Rhiannon understand how bad things will be if she does not cooperate. What follows is a dark and sometimes sad story that shows how truly evil the vampire leaders can be.

I loved Disco and Paine, as usual, and we see our heroes really put through the ringer in this book. The "bad" vampires were really well done. They were cruel and brutal and the author makes their scenes true horror story style scenes.

This now brings me to Rhiannon. I loved her in the first two books. She was an independent, kick butt heroine who made the best of whatever was thrown at her. In this book her stubbornness pushes her dangerously close to the "too stupid to live" heroine that I so dislike. Over and over again she is given warnings about what will happen if she doesn't listen and she just pushes them aside. It's not until she's destroyed everyone she supposedly loves that she stops and says "Oh maybe I should have listened". I did not feel like the storyline gave her strong enough reasons to be refusing Marius and his maker. I wanted to feel like she had a horrible choice to make & no matter what she chose it would be wrong. Instead I just wanted her to hand over the item & move on to fight another day. I felt like Rhiannon's reasoning came across as selfish & immature.

There were a few big surprises at the end. One I hated and one I liked a lot. The author set the stage for the story to take a dramatic turn and the future story possibilities are endless. Despite my annoyance with Rhiannon in this book I will defiantly read the next one to see where this story is going.

Book Blurb for The Ripple Effect

Sealing a deal with Heaven is as dangerous as starting a war with Hell.

Rhiannan’s Law, Book 3

Rhiannon Murphy’s homecoming party from a hellish future is more like a violation of her mind, the mining of her memories by her vampire lover, Disco. Now he knows everything that transpired—and her personal life is in shambles.

Yet she has no choice but to push on to sever her debt to Marigold Vesta, the fallen angel who helped her return to her own time. Unfortunately this debt has a short due date, and failing to resurrect Marigold’s soul means Rhiannon must sacrifice her own body—or find a suitable substitute.

Then death comes knocking at Rhiannon’s door. Disco’s maker is in New York with a bone to pick—preferably hers—but he’s not the only one out for her blood. Revenald, Marius’s half-demon creator, is out to bring her to her knees.

Cornered, Rhiannon must turn once again to the fallen angel whose soul she’s trying to save. The penalties may be more than she can bear, but with nothing left to lose, it’s no longer about life or death.

It’s about getting even.

Warning: Content may not be suitable for those sensitive to dubious consent, rape, murder and/or violence. Fasten your seatbelts, secure your tray tables, and pop a couple of Dramamine. This ride is about to get bumpy.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00