The Only One Who Matters

The Only One, Book 2

The second book in the series, this story picks up right where book one left off. David has retired due to the injury he sustained on the last mission and he is working through physical therapy and is trying to figure out a life without being a Navy SEAL. Josh is still leading their SEAL team and he is gone more than he is home. When he is home Josh & David are struggling with who they are individually and how that effects them as a couple. Every time Josh comes home they seem to start all over again at finding their relationship. David now knows what it feels like to be the one home waiting to hear if the person he loves is alive or dead and it's a helpless feeling he hates. Josh loves his job and has never wanted to be anything other than a SEAL but as he watches his job put a huge wedge between he and David he's not sure he can have both the job and the relationship. The thought of losing either breaks his heart.

I enjoyed this book more than I did the first in the series. I like the missions the characters go on and I think they are some of the better ones I've read in m/m military books. Josh and David were better connected for me in this book. That may sound odd since the story was about their relationship problems & how disconnected they thought they were but at least I felt they loved each other. I could see them together (which I couldn't in book one) and I could feel the struggles they were going through. I actually cared what happened to them and was rooting for them to work their stuff out. Josh is a great character and I liked him a lot from the begining of the first book. You watch him grow up in this book and you can see how he's gone from a boy to a man with major responsibilities by the end of this story. David was better for me in this book. He was very harsh and hard in the first book and I never grew to like him much. (It didn't help that in the first book the authors kept talking about how old and grizzled he was and painting him like a much older man and then we find he's only 36). A lot of the last book was telling me how David felt. In this book though I actually felt how David was feeling and that made it much better for me. We actually see David more than Josh in this story and he becomes a likable guy that I found myself feeling sorry for.

My biggest issue with this book (& this series as a whole) is the boring sex scenes. I have a certain expectation when reading Navy SEALS. I expect them to be hot, hot, hot. That may not be fair but it's what I want when two bad assed guys are in a room together and sexually attracted to each other. All these guys’ scenes together are just meh. Ok. Blah. Not horrible but certainly not panty melting hot. (Boring Navy SEAL sex just makes me sad).

I had quite a few issues with the first book so I was hesitant to try this book. I'm glad I did. I think the couple's relationship processed and I imagine the things they go through are pretty realistic for men in military jobs like theirs. Overall I found it to be an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for The Only One Who Matters

No man—and no heart—left behind.

Months after a bullet ended his SEAL career, Senior Chief David Flint doesn’t know which is worse: struggling to adjust to life as a civilian, or watching his lover, Lieutenant Commander Josh Walker, leave for one deployment after another.

Missing the career he loved—and knowing all too well the danger Josh faces—doesn’t help. And as Josh walks out the door for another assignment, David can feel their relationship cracking under the strain.

With so little time between assignments, Josh has no idea how to fix things with David. One thing he’s sure of, though…if they don’t find a way to resolve the rising tension between them, there’s a storm coming they might not be able to weather. But he plans to give it his best shot—when he gets home.

Assuming he makes it home alive…

Warning: Contains plenty of smoking-hot sex between two dudes who just wanted to be SEALs, not deal with all this romance crap. They went and fell in love anyway, and now have to figure out how to make it work while saving the world and teaching their puppy not to beg.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50