The Heir Apparent

Henry Walker is the son of wealthy business owner and he is the heir to his father's fortune. Archie Banks is his childhood friend and his driver for work. The two men have a complicated relationship that is barely meeting either of their needs. An unexpected crisis brings the two men together in ways they haven't been before and forces them to look at what they want out of their relationship.

I'll say right off I didn't like Henry until almost the end of the book. Henry kept Archie as his "dirty little secret" and it made me have no respect for his character. While he never did anything intentionally mean to Archie, Henry hurt him repeatedly with his actions.

Archie I liked a lot. He was a kind and caring person, completely devoted to Henry. Too devoted in many ways. I wanted to yell at him for allowing himself to be treated like he was at the beginning of the book. As the books goes on their relationship develops and Henry steps up in a major way. It didn't hurt that he did some groveling.

Overall this book was just alright. I have read this author's Faith, Love & Devotion series and loved it. I was expecting the same kind of character development in this that she has shown in her other works and it was just not there in this book. Neither character was very complex and the whole storyline in general was very simple. There was a mystery in this story but it was obvious from the very beginning who the bad guy was. There just wasn't enough of either the relationship or the mystery for me. I just wanted more out of this book.

Book Blurb for The Heir Apparent

Henry Walker is the only son of a wealthy businessman--and heir to a vast company. It is his birthright and destiny. But Henry only truly desires the one thing he cannot have...time to spend with his lover, Archie Banks. Archie is his childhood friend turned driver, bodyguard and dirty little secret. Circumstances make it difficult for them to sneak moments together--something that will become impossible once Archie moves on after he graduates from college.

They fear the uncertain future, and what will become of their blossoming feelings--but nothing prepares them for the danger and disaster about to overwhelm their lives. A shocking kidnapping leads to tragedy and suddenly Henry and Archie are thrust into a dramatic fight against an unknown enemy. They must fight not only be together, but to also save the company Henry has been groomed to run his entire life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.00