The God Code

Nephilim Prophecy

The God Code has an interesting take on the world of angels and demons. Indigo is a human that has the ability to see demons and fight against them. Ariel is his guardian angel and the two have worked together for years in the war between good and evil. Neko is a young man who is a nephilim with a soul and both the angels and the demons want to make him their own. He is unaware of his what he is as both sides fight to take control of him and Indigo tries to protect him.

This story was unique and I enjoyed parts of it a lot. I really enjoyed the three main characters. They were all very different from each other but all were engaging. There are two love stories going on at the same time. Neko and Jake and Indigo and Ariel. Both sets are complicated and filled with problems. Both were sweet in their own way. Indigo and Ariel were also had some pretty steamy scenes. The plot moves at a fast pace and had a lot of action in it. It read like an urban fantasy which is a genre I like a lot.

My only issue with the story was that the world building did not make a lot of sense to me in places. I found parts of it overly complicated or just not logical for me. That being said I think the good parts out weighed the parts that bothered me and I liked it enough that I will read the next book in the series when it comes out.

Book Blurb for The God Code

For twenty years the Covenant between Serenity and Chaos has stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, but left mankind vulnerable to the Demonic.

And warriors like Indigo Black, a Palet, a man cursed with the ability to kill and see the Demonic, have been forbidden from seeking out the evil walking among men and destroying it.

The one time Indigo dare challenge the Covenant to save an a human life, the Church punished him by breaking the wings of his Guardian Angel and lover, Ariel, and cast him out of heaven. Living with the burden of his guilt has cost Indigo everything.

Then the death of a mentor begins to unravel a deadly secret. The Demonic have some how created a Nephilim who has a human soul and is capable of being possessed by the most powerful members of the Demonic Parliament. A vessel who would allow the Demonic to walk the mortal plain.

With the Covenant broken, Indigo must win the battle go protect an innocent who holds the fate of mankind, and win an all out war to save his heart.

This book was previously published with a different cover. While some changes have occurred nothing significant about the story has been altered.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00