The Demon's Forbidden Passion

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The Demon's Forbidden Passion

As a fire rages in a gated community firefighter Ethan Phillips fights his memories of the past. Ethan has some secrets and this fire brings his memories to the fore front. Ethan is half demon and a similar fire stole his family and cursed his life.

Nurse Tina Driscoll has never lost a patient. Tina has no family and no life outside of her work. Tina is often sent outside of the hospital on high danger calls. On this night Tina is sent to save the life of a little boy.

Working on the same scene, Tina and Ethan immediately feel a spark between them. Tina knows Ethan's reputation. A different girl every night, never the same girl twice. Tina is not that kind of girl but despite what her head is telling her, her body wants this man and everything he has to offer. Even if it is only one night. What happens between them on this night of passion brings about shocking events and begins a passionate relationship that neither of them expected.

This was a short story/novella that includes action, a love story and some hot, steamy moments. I enjoyed the characters and the story line. I felt the author did a good job connecting us to Ethan and Tina and their issues. My only criticism is I would have liked to see this be a full length novel so we could have explored this world and these characters in greater detail. I recommend this to readers who enjoy sexy, paranormal reads. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

Book Blurb for The Demon's Forbidden Passion

A battle rages within Ethan Phillips. By day, he's a sexy firefighter saving lives in his community. At night, he's a half-demon enraptured by carnal desire. And on this night, after a harrowing rescue dredges up memories of his tragic past, Ethan's hunger is stronger than ever.

After turning to Tina Driscoll for one night of passionate release, he tries to keep his distance. He knows the curse that followed him into adulthood will mean dire consequences for the gentle, compassionate nurse. But each time he tries to tear himself away, the flames erupting between them only intensify….

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50