The Candlewood Wraith

Eostre's Baskets

This was a fast paced story with lots of action. It also had lots of steamy scenes. Because of the length the story wasn't super developed, but for a short it was done well. You get an interesting and creative plot, two hot main characters, a weird paranormal twist, a sweet love story and lots of hot sex scenes. Really what's not to love about all that?

The Candlewood Wraith is an enjoyable short story about two men who were cursed for their love. Samuel was entered into an arranged marriage by his parents, but his heart was always with Noah. Upon realizing she would never have his love, Mary cursed both men. Samuel is cursed into being a vampire and Noah’s curse is to never be seen by other people.

200 hundred years have gone by and both men are still in love with the other, but both think the other is long dead. Fate brings them back together and they work together to break the curse and rebuild their love.

Book Blurb for The Candlewood Wraith

Two hundred years ago, Noah Cunningham watched in horror as his secret lover’s new wife, Mary Bishop, dripped blood on his doorstep and cursed him. Doomed to spend eternity as a wraith to the outside world, Noah has only his dog, Elsa, and a journal to keep him from going insane.

Sam Locke should have died. His wife, Mary, had certainly intended it. The vampiric witch turned him, then left him for dead. Sam’s determination to warn his lover Noah kept him going, but Mary found Noah first.

Now, two centuries and many failed relationships later, Sam is still pining over his love. When he stumbles onto a rain-soaked border collie, he takes the dog home. She is the catalyst that leads him to the one place he didn’t know still existed...and two custom baskets from Sundae' having the one person he never thought he’d see again.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50