Talking in Code

The concept of this book really drew me in but unfortunately the execution didn't work for me. It was unique in that this book starts with this poly relationship already established. Tim and Richard had been together 20 years and they had brought Eric in 4 years before the events of the book start. I think this was part of the problem for me. I had a hard time buying all the relationship issues between Eric and Richard considering they'd been together for 4 years. Seemed like all that would have been resolved or they would have had issues before.

Eric was my other issue. I didn't care for him. He was such a fragile flower. I just couldn't buy him being an ex Navy Seal sniper and now a private mercenary sniper and being so emotional and fragile. It just didn't make sense to me. I admit I don't know any snipers in real life so maybe they do cry over every little thing and get so emotionally upset they can't even shave themselves but........I'm guessing not. You've got to have serious control over yourself to sit in brush, desert, jungles, etc, sometimes for hours before you kill someone. He was constantly running off and crying. I couldn't see how he could even do his job being like this.

The entire plot was unrealistic imo. The thing that super annoyed me and made me tap out and dnf was one MC has been seriously injured and is in the hospital. He's just been extubated. During the first conversation he's telling his partners he won't be up for sex for awhile but he wants to watch them together and he starts giving them instructions on what he wants them to do together. Really? You've been in a medically induced coma and the very first thing you do when they take the tube out of your throat is talk about sex and give instructions?

The ultimate thing for me was I wasn't connected to any of the characters and I didn't really care what happened to any of them. As a result I just didn't enjoy the book.

Book Blurb for Talking in Code

Some things crumble under pressure. Others are tempered by it instead. For three former soldiers, a tragedy might be the catalyst that binds them together—stronger than ever.

Richard Horn and Timothy Davenport met in the SEALs twenty years ago and have been lovers ever since. Now running their own paramilitary organization, Strike Force Omega, they work in the shadows to protect their country and its people. When Tim falls for Eric Newton, a deadly sniper and strategist on their team, Richard accepts that Tim’s heart is big enough for two men. He respects, admires, and even desires Eric enough to accept him into their relationship—and their bed—but he’s never been fully a part of what Eric and Tim share.

Then Eric is captured by terrorists and Tim is gravely injured in an op gone wrong, bringing Richard’s world crashing down around his ears. Even if he gets his men out alive, Eric must face the aftermath of months of physical and psychological torture—and without Tim to lean on, Eric’s PTSD is tearing him apart. Richard has to figure out the third leg of their triangle fast, or Tim won’t have a life to come back to.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.00