Stone Coffin

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Stone Coffin

Ann Lindell Mysteries

This was an well plotted murder suspense story. A mother and her six year old daughter are run over by a hit and run driver. The husband turns up missing and there are a few things that lead Ann Lindell and her crew to assume that he is responsible for the murders. As the team works to find him more things unfold to complicate their investigation.

This was a detailed and interesting plot. The story itself slowly unfolds and adds more layers as it goes on. The characters were well developed. There were a few things in the story that were referenced to previous books in the series but I had not read them and I was able to follow along with this story with no problem. As a result I feel like it is fine as a standalone.

I enjoyed this story and this new to me author. I would definitely try something else by him and will probably go back and read the prior books in this series at some point.

Book Blurb for Stone Coffin

International suspense superstar Kjell Eriksson produces another masterful work of murder, intrigue, and page-turning action in this latest thriller, which features his popular series-detective Ann Lindell.

One sunny summer morning a young woman and her six-year old daughter are run over by a car. Both are killed immediately. Is it an accident, or did someone kill them on purpose?

The same morning the husband of the deceased young woman disappears. During the police investigation, it turns out that the husband had recently bought a property that nobody knew anything about. A few days later a macabre discovery is made in a forest nearby.

Eriksson has been nominated for the Best Swedish Crime Novel many times, including for Stone Coffin—the seventh novel in his critically-acclaimed and internationally-loved Ann Lindell series.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00