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A Survivor Story Book 5

This was a touching and beautiful end to this series. At time this story takes place Aaron and Spencer have been together for seven years. They're doing well until Spencer ends up with Sophie. Aaron is terrified of raising a child because if anyone knows the tragedies that befall children it's him. There comes a point where both Aaron and Spencer have some tough choices to make.

There's an author's note at the end saying this is her last book before she retires. I'm so glad she wrote this before she does. It was like a gift to fans. There's nothing better in my opinion that seeing everything wrapped up for your favorite characters and knowing they'll have their happily ever after. The gang's all here in this. Aaron's parents, his brothers and their families and Spencer's dad.

I don't want to say much more because I don't want to spoil anything, but if you've read this series over the years, this is a must read. (This book is not a standalone though and it probably won't have the same impact if you haven't read Aaron and Spencer's book.)

Book Blurb for Sophie

A Survivor Story

It’s amazing how a single word from a tiny girl can change your life.

Spencer Thomas’s world turns upside down when his beloved Nell dies and leaves custody of her three-year-old daughter to him. Her “Spenna” comes when Sophie needs him most, but his boyfriend, Aaron, can’t be a parent. He just can’t. Neither of them expected a baby to fall into the lives they’d finally just settled.

When Nell’s ex comes to claim Sophie, Aaron needs to make a decision: man up or walk away as Spencer faces the fight of his life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50