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Saint has been alive a long time. Hundreds of years he thinks. He doesn't know exactly what he is but he's figured out a long time ago that he's not human. He has also figured out that he causes the deaths of the men he loves. He spends his time working as a paramedic hoping to do enough good things to outweigh the deaths he causes. One night he and his partner rescue famous artist Grey Jean-Marcelin from a suicide attempt. The two men are drawn to each other and they decide that they can give each other what they most want. The don't count on falling for each other.

This was really well written and the author did a great job creating atmosphere within the story. There was a dreamy type feeling to the story which fit perfectly with the story line. The characters were interesting and the love story believable. I won't spoiler what Saint turns out to be but it was something I've never read about before which I thought was pretty cool. That part of the plot line was uniquely done.

Overall this was a really good read for me. I had never read this author before so I didn't know what to expect going in to this. I'm really glad I gave it a try and I will definitely read more from this author in the future.

Book Blurb for Shatterproof

"Saint's afraid to die. Grey can't stand to live."

Grey Jean-Marcelin wants to die. He thought painting his passion-vivid portrayals of Haitian life and vodou faith-would be enough to anchor him to this world. But it isn't. And when the mysterious man known only as Saint saves Grey from a suicide attempt, it's more curse than blessing-until Grey discovers that Saint isn't just an EMT. He's a banished fae, and can only survive by draining the lives of those he loves.

All Saint needed was a simple bargain: one life willingly given for another. But as Saint's feelings for Grey grow deeper, centuries of guilt leave him desperate to save a man who doesn't want salvation, even if Grey's life means Saint's death.

When Grey's depression consumes him, only he can decide if living is worth the struggle. Yet his choice may come too late to save his life . . . or Saint's soul. And whatever choice he makes, it may shatter them both.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50