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This a very emotional story about grief and second chances. Connor and Vinnie were Hollywood actors who were in a relationship for ten years before Vinnie is killed in a car accident. The incident spirals Connor into a pit of despair. On the one year anniversary of Vinnie's death Connor makes a drunken video chronically his pain and posts it on YouTube. The incident shows his manager how bad things have gotten and she pushes him to take a role on a television show in Washington in an effort to start over. Connor takes the role because he know he needs a lifeline. While he's there Connor starts the journey of putting himself back together.

This story was very emotional. I think I was only about 4% into the book the first time my eyes filled with tears and they pretty much stayed that way until the 50% mark. This author is known for her angst filled stories but this one isn't as much angst as sad. Connor's sadness and grief are so realistic they jump off the page at you. Actually he's beyond sad. I used the word despair earlier because really that's what it feels like. There are so many emotional moments as Connor makes new friends and finally starts to have open and honest conversations with the people in his life. Connor's journey to finally saying good-bye to Vinnie is heart breaking.

While he's there he meets Noah and the two become friends and then lovers. I appreciated that the author didn't make Connor's grief magically go away with the love of another person. It doesn't. It eases some but it's really a process that he has to work through and Noah has to support him through it. Noah is a charming character and he's rock solid in his support of Connor. I know most of this review has been talking about how sad the book was but that's not all that it is. It is also a beautiful story about second chances and starting over. The ending was lovely and touching.

This book was really well written and evoked a wide range of emotions in me. This is part of a series but it is easily read as a standalone. I actually haven't read any of the previous books and I don't think it mattered at all. This book is something special and is a definite recommend.

Book Blurb for Selfie

One year ago, actor Connor Montgomery lost the love of his life to a drunk driver. But what's worse for Connor is what he still has: a lifetime of secrets born of hiding his relationship from the glare of Hollywood. Unable to let go of the world he and Vinnie shared, Connor films a drunken YouTube confession on the anniversary of Vinnie's death.

Thankfully, the video was silent-a familiar state for Connor-so his secret is still safe. He needs a fresh start, and a new role on the hit TV show Wolf's Landing might be just that.

The move to Bluewater Bay may also mean a second chance in the form of his studio-assigned assistant. Noah Dakers sees through Connor's facades more quickly than Connor could imagine. Noah's quiet strength and sarcastic companionship offers Connor a chance at love that Hollywood's closet has never allowed. But to accept it, Connor must let Vinnie go and learn to live again.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.50