Secrets from the Edge

The world of snowboarding is the interesting backdrop of this book. Keith Williams was a rising star when a serious injury took him out of the game. He lost his confidence and most of his friends. Keith has been training again though and dreams of getting back in to the sport. An opportunity to film a documentary brings Keith back in contact with his old friends as well as an old lover he still has feelings for. Jesse Royce is a reporter for a popular magazine. He is along on the trip to document the men behind the sport. He too has not forgotten his past with Keith.

I found the snowboarding world that this was based on to be creative and interesting. Honestly I don't know enough about snowboarding to know if it was accurate enough but it still made for a great setting. I loved the scenes where they were out on the snow. The relationship unfortunately did not work as well for me. I had a hard time feeling the connection between the two men. I liked Keith a lot as a MC and his past was an interesting twist but again I just didn't feel anything between them.

This was one of those books that was middle of the road for me. There was nothing wrong with it but it also didn't wow me.

Book Blurb for Secrets from the Edge

Keith Williams is twenty-two and struggling to feel normal again. Once a rising super star in the competitive world of snowboarding, he’s only now healing from a horrible crash that almost wrecked his body and ripped his confidence from him.

Jesse Royce is a reporter embedded on a snowboarding documentary that Keith has agreed to be a part of. The two of them have always had a sexual attraction that’s hard to ignore. But Keith’s loss of nerve isn't the only secret he’s keeping, and while it’s tempting to give into his desire for Jesse, it might end up being career suicide.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.50