Pickup Men

Pickup Men, #1

Pickup Men is a nice start to a series about professional bull riders and other rodeo guys. In this story Tripp is a bull rider and very far in the closet. Marty is a pickup man and very in love with Tripp. The weight of keeping their relationship a secret is beginning to weigh on Marty and then a serious accident pushes things to the breaking point.

I enjoyed this book. Both characters were well done. You can't help but care about Marty. He is broken physically and mentally and his love for Tripp is doing nothing but hurting him. Tripp is kind of the bad guy but at the same time you feel for him too. He is so used to hiding who he is from others as well as himself. I wanted to shake him a time or two but I still understood where he was coming from and I felt bad for him more than once in the story.

The plot flowed well and was interesting. There was the right amount of angst and romance and of course a few sexy times. There are a host of interesting side characters and their books promise to be good too. If you're looking for a well done cowboy series this is definitely one to check out.

Book Blurb for Pickup Men

It takes a pissed-off Brahma bull named Shockwave to show rodeo pickup man Marty Fairgrave the cold hard truth about champion bull rider Tripp Colby: Tripp will never leave the safety of his closet or acknowledge Marty in public. Sometimes loving someone just isn’t enough, and after a year of hiding what they are, Marty finally sees the light—and it’s no longer shining on Tripp.

Tripp Colby would do anything for Marty. Well . . . almost. He’s never loved anyone before, and isn’t quite sure how to handle it now. But he knows Marty is his everything, and in order to win him back, Tripp will have to overcome his darkest fears and step into the light.

But no matter Tripp’s intentions, the cost might be too high and the effort too late for these two cowboys to ride off into the sunset.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00