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Perfect Day

I loved this m/m contemporary romance book. I have a feeling this will end up on my Top 10 books of 2018. "Perfect Day" is a m/m retelling of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". You do not have to have read "Persuasion" to enjoy this book. The author takes the bones of that story but modernizes it.

The prologue starts in the past where we see Josh and Finn happy and in love. When the rest of the book begins it is eight years down the road. The two men have gone down different paths and they haven't seen each other again.

The majority of the story is told from Josh's point of view (POV) and man did the author nail this. He is complex and well written and he felt so real. He is drowning in his grief over his loss of Finn and there was more than one place that my heart hurt for him. There is one scene, which I can still see so clearly, where something happens and he steps out of the room and his pain jumps off the page so strongly that immediately my eyes began to tear up. This level of feelz is all through the book. You feel their pain and their joy so strongly it is like they're real people.

We do get some of the story from Finn's point of view and I thought that worked well. It made me understand him and empathize with him and realize that he was just as lost in grief as Josh was, he just showed it differently. He looked like he had it together more on the outside but on the inside he too was a mess.

The author, Sally Malcolm did a great job of making both of these characters feel like real people. They weren't perfect, they made lots of mistakes, hurt each other more than once, but loved each other from the bottoms of their hearts. They work hard for their Happily Ever After (HEA).

The author also did a great job with the sense of place. Her writing was detailed and painted such a strong image of the sea, the forest, the small town, etc. I felt like I was right there with these two, standing in the rain, feeling melancholy as I watched their story play out.

There is an entertaining plot and a host of engaging side characters between the pages of "Perfect Day". All of which were also well done. They added another level of depth to the story.

Apparently the author has a series of Sci Fi books, but this is her first romance and I am so impressed. I cannot wait to read more from her. If Sally Malcolm's next romance is done anywhere near as well as this one I will become her biggest fan girl.

Book Blurb for Perfect Day

First love conquers all in Perfect Day, a captivating contemporary male/male retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Love doesn’t burn out just because the timing’s wrong. It grows. It never leaves.

When Joshua Newton, prodigal son of one of New Milton’s elite, fell in love with ambitious young actor Finn Callaghan, his world finally made sense. With every stolen moment, soft touch and breathless kiss, they fell deeper in love.

Finn was his future…until he wasn’t.

Love stays. Even when you don’t want it to, even when you try to deny it, it stays.

Eight years later, Finn has returned to the seaside town where it all began. He’s on the brink of stardom, a far cry from the poor mechanic who spent one gorgeous summer falling in love on the beach.

The last thing he wants is a second chance with the man who broke his heart. Finn has spent a long time forgetting Joshua Newton—he certainly doesn’t plan to forgive him.

Love grows. It never leaves.

This book is approximately 63,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 5.00