Part & Parcel

Sidewinder, #3

This third book in the Sidewinder series starts up a few months after the events in Crash & Burn (a related series by the same author). Nick is home recovering from his life threatening injuries and Kelly is helping care for him. The two men are having a lot of problems adjusting to the situation and their relationship is going through a very difficult period. While recuperating Nick decides to go through a box of belongings from his deceased team member Eli Sanchez. In this he finds a series of letters from Eli asking the Sidewinder guys to go on one last road trip together.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I really loved all the parts that had to do with Eli and I loved seeing all the guys together again on this road trip. There were some funny parts and some emotionally wrenching parts. Unfortunately this part doesn't start until the book is half way done. The first half is heavily on Nick and Kelly's relationship and it's an angst filled drama. This continues between them on the trip also. I just had a hard time understanding why they were having so many problems. Much of it had to do with Kelly questioning who Nick was and that made no sense to me as they're been close friends for around 15 years by this point in the story. Kelly came across kind of naive and that didn't make much sense either as he is an ex-soldier who's been on a Force Recon team. Even setting those niggles aside it was just too much drama for me. I was over them and their problems by the end of the book.

This book was a mixed bag for me. Half I loved, half I didn't really care for. Overall this was an ok read. I didn't hate it but it won't be on my re-read list. For fans of the series I think it is worth the read. Also fans should note there is a Ty and Zane bonus story at the very end of the book (past author bio, coming releases etc).

Book Blurb for Part & Parcel

Nick O'Flaherty and Kelly Abbott had their happy ending in sight when a friend’s call for help almost ended with them losing it to the blade of a knife. Now, in the aftermath of near-disaster, both men are trying to heal and move on.

Moving on together, though, is harder than either of them realized it would be. Kelly struggles with simply being a lover instead of the Doc, while Nick is mired in his recovery. The distance between them inches along in stilted silence.

Desperately seeking solace, Nick finally gathers the courage to sort through the possessions his dear friend and fellow Sidewinder teammate Elias Sanchez left him when he died. Instead of comforting memories, Nick and Kelly find a stack of letters and strict instructions from Eli that prompt them to send out a call for assistance. With Eli’s letters in hand, Sidewinder sets out on one last mission together, seeking peace and absolution from beyond the grave—and from each other.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50