The Talisman series, #1

What a wild ride this story is. Gabe and Suki have been married for 10 years and their marriage is falling apart. They aren't happy and their sex life isn't working. Despite their problems Gabe doesn't want to let Suki go. She's his and he doesn't plan on giving that up. Suki has been with Gabe since she was 18 and despite having a successful career she is very passive in her relationship with Gabe. She is very unhappy but does not speak out for herself.

Enter Josh who is not only good looking and charming but he has a psychic ability that gives him the inside to a woman' thoughts. Josh makes his living trying to attract women's attention and thereby confirming, or not, their husband's fears they're cheating. When Gabe gets Josh to flirt with Suki to see how she will react Josh gets pulled into their crazy world.

What follows is a dark, suspenseful, thrill ride. This book is very unique for a contemporary romance and that was what drew me in. How well it was written and all the twists and turns are what kept me reading until late in the evening. The story is told from all three characters points of view but it's done seamlessly and I had no problem following along. It was interesting to see all three characters thoughts, and in Gabe's case, a little scary at times. All the characters were well written and really interesting. There are also some side characters who we see a lot and who were also great.

If you like stories that are unique this is a read for you. It's dark, fast paced, suspenseful and just all around good. This was my first read from this author and I can't wait to read more from her.

Book Blurb for Obsession

Josh Delaney is the ideal honey trap.His charm and model good looks would be enough for most women, but coupled with his psychic ability to read their thoughts, he’s impossible to resist. Suspicious husbands employ him to test their wives, to see if they can be tempted to stray.

High profile couple Suki and Gabe Bridgewater have the perfect marriage, or at least, that’s the image they portray to the world. Behind closed doors, Gabe’s dominance in the marriage is unravelling and he decides to test Suki, using Josh as bait.

For Josh it should be just another easy job, but two things go horribly wrong.

One, Josh falls in love with Suki.

And two, Gabe refuses to let her go.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50