Marlowe's Ghost

Will Marlowe is a soldier recently back from war. He's taking classes and does photo shoots for his Bad Toys series, but he feels adrift. When a favorite professor asks him to go to London to bring back his nephew Will decides there is no reason not to go. It sounds like the nephew might be a little crazy but Will figures even so the trip will be worth it.

When arriving in London will meets the nephew Tommy Jones. Despite Tommy's assertions that he speaks to the ghost of Christopher Marlowe, Will finds himself drawn to the other man.

Soon upon arriving Will starts to see Marlowe's ghost himself and the two men end up on an adventure that is both a mystery and a romance.

I enjoyed this story a lot. The author appeared to have done a lot of research on Christopher Marlowe and the legend that he faked his own death and then wrote under the pen name William Shakespeare. This was really interesting and the mystery in the story was entertaining. I liked the two men together and they had a really sweet romance. Both men had issues from their pasts, Tommy as a cancer survivor, and Will with his bad memories from war, but these issues were addressed without being dark. This was a really sweet and unique story that I definitely recommend.

Book Blurb for Marlowe's Ghost

Former Marine Will Marlowe dreams of being a great classics scholar, but his subversive street art, Bad Toys, is what he does best. When he’s sent to London to retrieve Tommy Jones, what he’s really interested in is a chance to take Bad Toys global. He doesn’t expect cancer survivor Tommy to captivate him or to become the pet project of a real live—dead—author.

Meanwhile, Tommy is struggling to write a dissertation about Christopher Marlowe while conveniently ignoring the fact that he knows Marlowe didn’t die in 1593. And Marlowe’s ghost? He has an agenda all his own that seems to involve two parts mystery, one part romance.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00