Learning the Hard Way 1

Mike is a mercenary for the law. He ends up in prison where he quickly learns he's a pawn in a bunch of games. He's won in a fight by Keelan and the two men begin working together to survive. It's more an alliance than friendship at the beginning. Over the course of the story a wary trust is built between the two.

The second half of the book moves outside the prison and there is a plotline about authorities in war with slave traders and an espionage plot that Mike is involved in.

This was a pretty good book. I may have liked it more if I had known going in what kind of story it was. For some reason I thought this was a romance set in a sci-fi world (which is totally my fault for misreading the tags). It definitely wasn't a romance. It was gritty and gory in places and the world it's set in is pretty bleak. It didn't have much of a sci-fi feel to it. There are mentions of spaceships and other worlds but we don't see much of them and we don't get a lot of world building and/or back ground. I see that this is an ongoing series so maybe more of that will come out as the story goes a long.

This was a new author for me and I did enjoy the writing style and overall plot. Although it was a bit different than what I was expecting, I was intrigued enough to read the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Learning the Hard Way 1

Mike and Keelan meet each other as opposites in a prison where violence, murder, and power games are everyday life. To survive they make a pact. They stand together against the rough life in a hell where the prisoners are nothing more than numbers in a book and left to their own fates—a fate where one’s place in a twisted hierarchy is paramount for survival.

But can a mercenary, who worked for the law, trust a murderer?

Can that murderer trust the mercenary?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.00