In His Defense

Aidan is an attorney who has recently made partner at his firm. He's spent the previous years working insanely long hours to help him achieve his goals. As a result he hasn't had much time for relationships. Aidan gives in to some pressure from his friends and decides to let loose and go out celebrating. He meets a sexy stranger and the two end up having a one night stand. Aidan has no plans to have any kind of ongoing relationship so imagine his surprise when the sexy stranger shows up in his work world.

This was a low angst story that was part romance and part mystery. Both Aidan and Jaxon were likable characters and they had a great deal of chemistry between each other. The plot flowed well and the mystery they were trying to solve was pretty interesting.

This was a new author to me and I enjoyed this enough to try more from him. If you're looking for something with a bit of steam, a bit of romance and a well thought out plot you should check this out.

Book Blurb for In His Defense

Aidan Hill, a shrewd lawyer, has success written all over him. He has worked very hard to construct a promising career and cares a great deal about his professional image--perhaps too much. After making partner before an unprecedented thirty-five, he is handed one of the firm’s most challenging cases. However, when he inadvertently sleeps with the lead investigator for the case, Jaxon Kane, his world turns inside-out. The passion between them is overwhelming and all consuming. He can’t get enough of Jaxon, but he has to stay away or the conflict of interest could tank the case of a lifetime. That can’t happen. A woman’s freedom is in jeopardy.

Jaxon Kane is a man who, when he sees what he wants, goes after it without hesitation. And he wants Aidan. He’s a strong, formidable man who believes that he can do his job and build something meaningful with Aidan. But, how does he convince him when Aidan is focusing solely on his career and winning this case? As much as he wants Aidan, he won’t be anyone’s secret. He knows Aidan wants him. Will Aidan do what it takes to prove it to Jaxon?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00