Husband Material

What a fun and romantic book this was. "Husband Material" is a reality television show where 18 available bachelors try to win the affections of one woman (think "The Bachelor"). Riley has entered the show after coming out of a very bad relationship. His pride and self-esteem took a major hit and he thinks this show is what will help him get his life back under control. Asher is also a contestant but he has no interest in winning. He's gay and he wants to come in second place so he can win the prize money to help pay for his sister's medical treatment.

On the first day of competition the two guys work together to win the challenge. This begins a friendship that builds over the course of the weeks they are on the show. As it grows, Asher tells Riley his secrets and Riley decides he's going to help Asher win that money. Both men soon realize there is more than friendship building between them and maybe there will be love found on the set of this show.

Both of these characters were really well-done. They were well-written and the author made you feel their emotions right along with them. I loved Asher in every scene he was in. Riley had moments where I didn't like him but I understood where he was coming from and I think a lot of his behaviors and words were probably pretty realistic for the situation he was in. I have found many "gay for you" books throw the couple together and the "straight" character jumps into the relationship with ease. That never seems realistic to me. I would think that going through major changes in something as serious as your sexual identity would be all-consuming. I thought this book did a really good job of showing a character struggle though this. Riley deeply cares for Asher but he also resents him for bringing these feelings out. What I really liked was that the characters talk about the issue repeatedly, in a well-thought-out manner.

I thought this was a really good book and I enjoyed it a lot. It was fast-paced and never boring. There were some funny moments and many romantic moments. Asher and Riley were just beautiful together. The ending got a little too sappy for me but it wasn't enough to dampen my overall enjoyment of this book. This was my first time reading anything by this author and I can't wait to check out more of his work.

Book Blurb for Husband Material

Husband Material is a long-running reality show, where eighteen lucky guys compete for the hand of one lucky lady. Meet contestant number one, Riley. Since being left at the altar, he’s hit the gym to get into the best shape of his life. Now he’s in it to win it. Contestant number two, Asher, doesn’t really want the bachelorette; he needs the prize money for his sister’s cancer treatment. Asher's upbeat personality brings Riley out of the funk he's been in since his breakup. They make a formidable team, with one complication: Asher’s falling for Riley.

Producer Kaitlyn has her hands full when two bachelors are found in the shower soaping up inappropriately, then another live-tweets the entire debacle. If another scandal erupts, the network will cancel the show.

The two bachelors are on a collision course under the watchful eye of a producer torn between wanting them to find true love and trying to keep her show going. In the end, Riley must choose the bachelorette or the bachelor.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50