Hammer and Bone

This was the most unique book I've read in a long, long, time. It was my first time reading works by this author and I was mesmerized by the end of the first story. There is something both beautiful and haunting in the way this author writes.

This is a collection of short stories and each is dramatically different, but they're all really good. These stories are dark in nature and they don't all have happy endings. While there is love in each one, I would not categorize them as romances. There is everything from fantasy worlds to a zombie apocalypse to our current world with some magical twists. There are carnivals and evil priests and everything in-between.

I would be hard-pressed to pick my favorite of the eight stories. They were all so good in their own dark, messed-up ways. If you're looking for something totally unique and really well-done, this is an excellent book to try.

Book Blurb for Hammer and Bone

The purest evil lives in the hearts of men

Carnival mystics. Zombie tribes. Bad magic in the Bayou. Mage-princes, alien cities, and soul-stealing priests. The grim monsters in the worlds of these dark, speculative tales are true horrors, but it’s the people you should fear the most.

People like Michel, a boy pining for his best friend, Ray. But a presence in the swamp calls Michel to avenge another lost love, and he must decide which summons to answer. Or Angelo, a prescient cop who denies his visions until they endanger the man he loves. Or Bellew, an overseer in a shantytown of criminals sheltering a revenant and feeding it from their ranks.

From ruined lands of steam and iron, to haunted Southern forests, to brutal city streets where hope and damnation flow from the same spring, only a few stubborn souls possess the heart to challenge evil on its own terms. Some wield magic, some turn to rage or even love, but the ones left standing will survive only if they find the courage to carve their own paths to freedom.

Even if it means carving through flesh.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 5.00