Good Boy

Theta Alpha Gamma, #4

I really loved Good Boy-Theta Alpha Gamma, #4. This is the follow up to Frat Boy and Toppy and is not a standalone story. If you haven't read Frat Boy run and do that now. If you have read it then you must read this. It's a really touching wrap up to Sebastian and Brad's story.

This book finds the guys a few months down the road. They're living together and in a committed relationship but still struggling in some ways. Sebastian is distracted with his PhD and what he is going to do in the future and Brad is struggling with not knowing where he fits into that future.

The story touches on the fact that real life is not always easy. Sometimes people are selfish and sometimes things don't work out smoothly, but at the end of the day if you're really committed and really love each other you can work all that out. And work it out Brad and Sebastian do, in a really touching way.

Book Blurb for Good Boy

Brad “Frat Boy” Feller and Sebastian “Toppy” DeWitt have been together for nine months, and their relationship is as hot as ever. The only cloud Brad sees on their horizon is Sebastian’s stress over his thesis. And their uncertain future together after graduation. And how Sebastian sometimes takes Brad for granted. And Sebastian’s unwillingness to introduce Brad to his father.

Other than that, everything’s awesome.

All of Sebastian’s energy is currently devoted to his thesis, and getting into a top-notch PhD program. Fortunately, his boyfriend takes care of all the domestic stuff and Sebastian’s needs. Any minor strain between them will disappear and they’ll return to the status quo after Sebastian graduates. As long as nothing upsets their delicate balance in the meantime.

Then a friend Brad once had a small fling with is forced to take refuge with them, and Frat Boy and Toppy’s delicate balance topples like an elephant on a waterski. Now Sebastian has to face some truths about how he’s been treating Brad, what he wants for their future, and what he has to do to get it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50