Glass Tidings

I think this may end up being my favorite holiday story this year. Eddie had difficult childhood and has spent his adult life being mostly transient. He works various Renaissance faires at different times of the year and is currently on his way through a small town on his way to Texas. He pretty much has only the clothes on his back when the car he borrowed? stole? breaks down. This dumps him in a small town where he has the misfortune of seeing a girl ran over by a hit & run driver. He's asked to stay in town for a few days and ends up being taken in by Grayson, an isolated and lonely, local shop owner.

Both of the men are prickly and grumpy and watching them dance around each other was very entertaining. The romance is a slow burn and came across realistically. Despite this being a holiday story there were no Christmas miracles to solve to these guy's problems. They work through things through communication and a bit of good, old fashioned, put your heart out there and hope you don't get burned.

I really loved both of the MC's. I always find this author's characters people I can related to and/or understand and these two were no exceptions. I liked that neither of them were perfect and they didn't expect that of each other. For me it made the romance more touching and sweet when they finally came together. I also liked the side characters in this. They were each entertaining and added to the story in their own way.

Again....I think this will end up being my favorite holiday story. It has great characters and a unique plot and I was immediately invested in these two from the very beginning of the book. There was just enough holiday magic in it to warm your heart but the real strength of the plot is showing us two everyday people falling in love.

Book Blurb for Glass Tidings

Eddie Rodrigues doesn’t stay in one place long enough to get attached. The only time he broke that rule, things went south fast. Now he’s on the road again, with barely enough cash in his pocket to hop a bus to Texas after his (sort-of-stolen) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Midwest, USA.

He’s fine. He’ll manage. Until he watches that girl get hit by a car and left to die.

Local shop owner Grayson Croft isn’t in the habit of doing people any favors. But even a recluse can’t avoid everyone in a town as small as Clear Lake. And when the cop who played Juliet to your Romeo in the high school play asks you to put up her key witness for the night, you say yes.

Now Gray’s got a grouchy glass artist stomping around his big, empty house, and it turns out that he . . . maybe . . . kind of . . . likes the company.

But Eddie Rodrigues never sticks around.

Unless a Christmas shop owner who hates the season can show an orphan what it means to have family for the holidays.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50