General Misconduct

Conduct Unbecoming, #2

General Misconduct is a really enjoyable second book in the Conduct Unbecoming series. In this book Aiden is a recent Naval Academy graduate and has been stationed in Okinawa. A bad night out in a bar leads to a chance meeting the next day.

Aiden is immediately attracted to the man he meets at the reclusive waterfalls. Conner is a student and lives with his family on the island. The two men begin to date and quickly fall for each other. Just when things are really going well for them a big problem arises. A problem that seems like it is insurmountable.

I really liked this follow up book. I actually liked it more than the first book in the series. We see the guys from the first book and there is some overlap in the timeline. If you have not read the first book though, this book can be a standalone.

Both Conner and Aiden were great characters and even though they were young they did not seem immature. There was no angst and drama that you sometimes find in books with characters in this age group. Their relationship problems were totally believable and realistic. They were very sweet together and the sex scenes were just the right level of steaminess.

Another thing I enjoy about this series is the picture the author paints of Okinawa. She includes all kinds of interesting facts and places. The imagery is so vivid it makes me think this is some place I may need to visit someday.

Book Blurb for General Misconduct

A chance encounter, a chance at love…and one heartbreaking choice.

A Conduct Unbecoming Sequel

Ensign Aiden Lange is taking a hike—and it’s not for the pleasure of seeing Okinawa’s Hiji Falls. It’s in the hope that claiming he took a fall on the rocks will cover up the fact he was beaten up in a gay bar. Not a place a Naval Academy grad wants to get caught if he’s serious about his career.

At the end of the trail, a surprise comes with the scenery. A gorgeous young guy in swim trunks.

Connor didn’t come up to the falls to find a man, but he’s instantly intrigued by the ensign with the bandaged eyebrow. A hike turns into dinner, and before he knows it, he’s up to his heart in love with the gentle, infinitely patient Aiden.

It’s a small world, though, and an even smaller island. It’s only a matter of time before they’re caught by a man who’s more than just Connor’s overprotective father. He’s also Aiden’s high-ranking boss. Someone with the power to force Aiden to choose—Connor, or his naval career.

Warning: Contains two adorable guys who don’t give a damn that the deck’s stacked against them, plenty of sex on the beach, and the hottest application of sunscreen you’ve ever read.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00