Fork-Tongue Charmers

The Luck Uglies #2

This story is the second book in The Luck Uglies fantasy series. In this episode Rye O'Chanter is forced by a new constable to flee her town and go to the remote Isle of Pest while her father and the other Luck Uglies' battle their rivals, the Fork-Tongue Charmers, on the mainland. Soon the battle moves to the island and events lead to Rye in to heading off on adventure full of action and mystery.

I had not read the first book in the series but was able to easily pick up this story and follow along. The heroine was great fun and there was a host of entertaining side characters. The writing was well done and the plot flowed smoothly throughout. I found the story fast paced and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next to Rye and her friends. This was an wonderful addition to our family's children's book and was enjoyed by both the girls and boys in our home.

Book Blurb for Fork-Tongue Charmers

Rye O'Chanter was shocked to discover that her father was the leader of the notorious band of outlaws known as the Luck Uglies. Now she too has been declared a criminal in her own village, and she must flee to the strange and remote Isle of Pest while her father faces off against the Luck Uglies' bitterest rivals, the Fork-Tongue Charmers, on the mainland.

But all bets are off when the battle moves to the shores of Pest. To defeat the Fork-Tongue Charmers, Rye must defy a deranged earl, survive a test meant to judge the grit of the fiercest men, and lead the charge in defending the island against a strangely familiar enemy, which means uncovering some long-buried family secrets. . . .

The first book in the Luck Uglies series was named an ALA Notable Children's Book as well as a New York Public Library Title for Reading and Sharing, and it won the Cybil Award for Middle Grade Speculative Fiction. This second installment ratchets up the humor, charm, and adventure, taking the series to brand-new heights!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00