Forever Is Now

Shooting Stars, #1

Alex and Chance were high school sweethearts who end on a traumatic note. Years later Alex is listening to the radio when he hears a song he wrote for Chance playing on the radio. A song Chance has now recorded with his band. A song Chance is making famous and claiming as his own. Outraged Alex heads across the USA to confront the man he hasn't seen in years. The man he's never truly gotten over.

Things are not as clear cut with Chance as they seem and he has regrets of his own. The two men initially come at each other out of anger but quickly that anger turns to passion and they try to figure out the past as well as their future.

I enjoyed Forever Is Now a lot. I liked both of the MC's and I thought the story was well written. These two guys were hot together in their sex scenes. My only issue is I wish the book would have been longer. I would have liked to see the relationship dynamics more detailed. For the length of the book though I thought the author did a great job. I will definitely read more by this author

Book Blurb for Forever Is Now

When Alex confronts ex-lover Chance, the sparks fly. But nine years has done nothing to lessen the intensity of the chemistry between them. Forever Is Now is the hot, new romance from author K. Vale you won’t be able to stop reading. Passion ignites the pages as Alex and Chance find that sometimes a second chance is all love needs!

If you love someone, set him free. If he steals something of yours, hunt him down and make him sorry.

Alex Bremen is over Chance Ralan. Ever since his high school boyfriend ditched him nine years ago, Alex has barely thought of Chance at all. Sure, Alex attended a concert or two when his ex’s band, Armageddon Showdown, was in the area, but that was more curiosity than anything else. Who wouldn’t want to see firsthand how his once clean-cut boyfriend transformed into a pierced and tattooed heavy metal god?

But when Chance has the nerve to record a love song Alex wrote for him years ago, Alex crosses the country to confront him. Revenge becomes a dish best served sizzling hot. The two men lock horns, but find the chemistry between them has only intensified with time, and occasionally love needs to do some growing up before it can be done right.

Content Notes: Hot, GLBT, Anal Play, Anal Intercours

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00