Fight to Forgive

Letting Go Book #3

This is an enjoyable story about two young men who used to be best friends and then lovers, who have had a major falling out. A few years have gone by but neither man has gotten over the other. Circumstances bring them back together and they try to get over their past. While they have a lot of anger at each other they soon realize there is still a lot of love. Some family problems further complicate their situation

I thought this was well written story which featured likable and engaging characters. This is a new adult story where both young men are still working on finding themselves. Both are at crossroads with what they are doing in both personal and professional lives. The main plot point is based on bad communication in the past and while I dislike that trope in general I felt like it worked here. The author doesn't tell you exactly what happened all at once. The story goes back and forth between the present and the past but it was done smoothly and I felt like it really worked in this case.

There were a host of side characters which I liked and I felt added to the story. The plot includes both of their family members and a fight over an old house but it does not distract from the main plot of the love story. My only complaint about the book is that the ending is more happily for now than happily ever after and I had some questions about how they were going to make things work in the long run. I typically prefer a more solid ending unless I know there is going to be another book in the series.

Overall it was an enjoyable read and one I would recommend if you like the new adult genre.

Book Blurb for Fight to Forgive

Recent college grad Aaron Elliott is a pro when it comes to avoiding conflict. So when he hears his mother and stepfather plan to sell the family’s summer retreat in Door County, Wisconsin, it takes everything in him to object.

Aaron’s not ready to let go. The lake house is where he feels closest to his late father. It’s where he fell in love with his best friend—and it’s where he had his heart broken. Until he makes peace with the past, Aaron knows he won’t be able to face the future.

Being injured in combat has Naval officer James “Freddie” Fredrick dry docked, possibly for good. But the pain in his shoulder is nothing like the hurt he feels when he sees Aaron back in town. It’s been four years since the love of his life left without a word—and though Freddie tries to deny it, the heat between them hasn’t faded.

Aaron feels the connection too. Once upon a time he let Freddie go without a fight. This time, he won’t screw up their second chance to have a happy ending.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00