Drawing the Devil

Dustin Lewis is a bull rider moving up the ranks. One day he draws an especially aggressive bull and ends up needing the assistance of bullfighter Shane Rees. The two men are immediately attracted to each other but neither are openly out in this macho, testosterone driven sport. They end up traveling together and starting a friendship and sexual relationship.

This was my first time reading this author and sometimes when reading m/m romance you can really tell the difference between a male author and a female author. Are male authors more realistic about men's relationships? Probably. But in some cases, this being one, this does not work for me. These two main characters were very crude in their talking and behaviors. Are bull riders crude and teenage boy acting in real life? Maybe. But again, not working for me in a romance book. I had a hard time feeling the connection between these two and didn't really understand why they loved each other. Again it goes to perspective and I just could not get into this book. The writing was fine and the plot flowed well. I don't have any particular complaints about the technical aspects of the book. It all boils down to presences I think and I just don't like reading about men who act like cavemen. It's not the type of romance I was looking for.

Book Blurb for Drawing the Devil

A heart can live a lifetime in eight seconds.

Ever since his father caught him with another boy and threw him out at the tender age of sixteen, Dustin Lewis has been fighting his way up the national bull-riding rankings. He’s on the brink of qualifying for the National Finals when he draws Diablo, a notoriously rank bull—and the ride goes bad.

When bullfighter Shane Rees frees Dustin from the rigging of the same bull that nearly destroyed his face, he comes dangerously close to dropping his guard. Shane knows the potential consequences of being gay in a sport loaded with testosterone-overdosed cowboys, and the resulting scars of mind and body have left him with little self-worth.

Their near-death-by-bull first meeting sparks an attraction that awakens every last one of their personal demons. Yet as the National Finals draws closer, so do they. But they’ll have to overcome emotional highs, near-tragic lows, and bone-crushing danger before love can bust out of the chute.

Warning: Contains man-on-man boot knocking, rawhide and raw emotions, badass cowboys and even badder-ass bulls. This ain’t your old man’s rodeo.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 3.00