Dragon Spawn

World of the Lupi Book 13

This was another great installment in this series. There are a few things going on in this story. Rule has been challenged to a fight to the death over the Leidolf mantle and Lily learns that Tom Weng is still alive and things are worse in this situation than they previously thought. There are also some surprising twists to both of these plotlines.

As usual with this series this was a fast paced and exciting story told with a back drop of fabulous world building. Everything is told in such detail that you can easily picture it all. The magic and the creatures are complex and told in creative and unique ways.

At the heart of these stories is Rule and Lily's love story. Even after all of these books I still love them and the way their relationship is shown in these stories.

There are a host of side characters most of whom have had major roles in the previous books and it was great seeing my ongoing favorites again.

This in an ongoing series with very detailed world building and I'm not sure that this should be read as a standalone. Also, this book ends on a cliffhanger. That's unusual and I can't think of another book in this series that has done that. I wasn't upset about this but I was really surprised.

For fans of the series I think this is a really good addition that you will enjoy. If you're new to this series I would recommend you start at the first book.

Book Blurb for Dragon Spawn

The New York Times bestselling author of Mind Magic returns as FBI agent Lily Yu gets some very bad news…

Lily learns she was right. Tom Weng—a powerful sorcerer allied with the Old One who keeps trying to take over the world—is still alive. But that's not the worst. Weng is a dragon spawn, the product of a botched hatching given a human form in an attempt to keep him from going mad. A failed attempt.

Meanwhile, Lily’s husband Rule is facing a Challenge to the death. Then there’s the possible reappearance of another sorcerer. But none of that matters when their enemy strikes out of nowhere in the worst way possible. Lily must face a nightmare and return to a place she never wanted to see again. The place where she died…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50