Discovering You

Indigo Book 1

I am a huge sucker for soul mate stories. This one was a very entertaining one. Lucy is a shy art historian who chases a dog on the beach one day, which leads to a meet cute with a sexy rock star. Justin is a world famous celebrity but no matter how many women he's with he can't seem to find what he's looking for. Until he meets Lucy between the pages of "Discovering You".

Lucy is struggling with her new boss at the museum and she's started having weird visions and headaches after touching a new cross that's recently come in. Justin is also having a difficult time with an ex and trying to record a new album. The two of them are immediately attracted and are trying to build a new relationship with all the external pressures.

I liked both of the characters and the overall plot. Like I said, I love a good soulmate book. "Discovering You" ends on a bit of a cliffhanger... so I'm curious as to where the story will go next.

I believe Kate McBrien is a debut author who has done well with her first book, especially for a new author. I definitely recommend you give this a try.

Book Blurb for Discovering You

For fans of Love on the Edge of Time and A Knight in Shining Armor comes an epic romance that proves true love can never die.

Do you believe in soulmates?

A shy art historian. A sexy rock star. A mysterious medieval cross that holds a secret.

Lucy Bianchi has a plan: finish her PhD in art history and land a coveted job at a prestigious Los Angeles museum. Then--maybe--she'll find time to start dating. Her controlled and predictable world begins to unravel when she chases a runaway dog on the beach and meets a gorgeous stranger.

Justin Hamilton is the charismatic lead singer of the British band Indigo. Years of touring and partying have won him notoriety, and he can have any woman he wants, but who he really wants doesn't seem to exist.

Until now.

From their first look--their first touch--Justin and Lucy have a connection that defies logic and deepens their desire for each other. When they see the Varangian Cross at a museum exhibit, they're flooded with inexplicable shared memories that draw them even closer together.

Justin has to return to London just as a salacious scandal explodes that could tear them apart. Lucy must choose between the safe life she's cultivated, or go to Justin and discover a never-ending love.

Discovering You is the first book of a contemporary romance trilogy.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00