Dead Camp 1

This was a unique and fast paced story about a vampire, Eli, in Nazi Germany. He is running from his past and he's holed up in a castle in the middle of the woods with a ghost named Malachi who happens to be in love with him. Early on in the story we also meet an angel named Daniyyel who along with Malachi, try to get Eli to confront his past and come out of isolation.

There is a lot going on in this story. The plot is fast paced and races along. In some ways it was too fast paced for me and I would have liked more character development and world building. I struggled with the story at first and put it down for a few days and then went back to it. I don't want to say much about the plot as it's kind of complicated and I don't want to include spoilers.

This is one of those books that I think most people will either love or hate. It's unique enough that it's hard to find a genre to fit it in. It's a bunch of things; some paranormal, some erotica, some historical, some horror. If you're looking for something outside the box and like your vampires bad to the bone you might want to check this out.

Book Blurb for Dead Camp 1

Eli is an ancient vampire with an ego the size of a planet and a sex drive to match, but his tumultuous left him broken, so he hides from humanity and cowers from love, left to endure the crushing guilt that haunts his every waking moment. Even his best friend, Malachi, a ghost who is hopelessly in love with Eli, remains unaware of all that transpired in London. Malachi can never know the truth.

When the Angel Daniyyel pays an unwelcome visit, Eli must face his secrets, secrets that he has tried so long to hide. To make matters worse, a chance encounter with the most beautiful man he has ever seen shatters his beloved isolation, pushing him into the world of the living once more. Something about this strange man seems so familiar, but Eli can’t even remember who he was before he became a vampire, never mind explain the unwanted emotions the enigmatic stranger ignites in his dead heart. So Eli has a choice – return to the world that ruined him, or continue his self-imposed exile with no hope of salvation.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 3.50