Coming Back for Drew

*sigh*..... Ok I want to start with saying that I did enjoy the previous book in this series. This one though really did not work for me. It follows Drew who we saw in book one. I was a little confused at first because this story takes place a few years later and Drew is in another state and in a totally different job. The author catches us up not too far in to it so I was ok with that. Drew's now working in law enforcement and casually sleeping with a co-worker. Drew has never been able to commit to anyone because he's still in love with an ex, Luis, who he broke up with 6 years prior. They broke up because he thought Luis was cheating so he cheated. So the general plot of this book is they run into each other again and try to decide if they can get back together.

My first complaint was that Luis was a huge jerk. He was ridiculously unlikable for the first half of the book. I also didn't like that he was constantly referred to as "Daddy" and there is all this talk about what a famous "Daddy" he is yet there is not one single episode of BDSM or daddy-ness in the entire book. I wasn't looking for a BDSM book so I wasn't particularly upset about that but if you are going to go on and on about a main character being a Daddy then I need to see that, believe that. I didn't. Not even a little. One scene of him being disrespectful and mentioning a ball gag does not make one a Daddy.

I also didn't care much for Drew in this book. I liked him in book one but in this one he was childish and immature. I also didn't like how every other side character wanted to be in a relationship with him. I hate that in a story. I just don't find it believable.

My next issue was that there was a lot of telling me how much these two used to be in love and still loved each other but I didn't feel it at all. All they did for the first half of the book was say mean things to each other, have sex with other people and then have horrible communication that led to high school like behavior of phone hang ups, refusing to talk to each other, etc. I really didn't feel any connection between them. About 60% in a huge incident happens that changes their dynamic and Luis steps up in a major way. Now the good part of this was Luis became more likable but it just didn't seem realistic at all. I can't buy that you're giving up your entire lifestyle for a man that you've had a few arguments with earlier in the book. It was supposed to be based on their past love but again I never saw it or felt it.

Giant issue in the sex scenes. Both main characters are sleeping around for the beginning of the book. Not my favorite thing in a romance novel but I can go with it. Also you need to keep in mind they broke up due to previous cheating and they've discussed that they are not exclusive with each other yet. they have ran into each other in a bar, had a couple of arguments and have gone out for a drink. They decide to sleep together again. Ok fine. But, and this was a huge but for me, they decide about two minutes in to it that they don't need to use condoms. Oh heck no! If condoms had not been mentioned at all and whether or not they used them was left up to the reader's imagination I could have overlooked it but there is an actual conversation about how they are going to "bareback" each other. I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be here. Was I supposed to feel their love? Their commitment? I don't know but whatever it was I missed it. What I felt was horror that two MC's would take such huge risks with their own safety and each other's and that such a serious issue was dealt with so flippantly.

**sighing again** Ugg...I really hate writing bad reviews. Seriously I do, but this just did not work for me in so many ways. There were just too many issues for me to overlook, an unbelievable plotline and two unlikable MC's.

On a positive note it was nice seeing Teak and Kevin from book one again and I did enjoy their scenes.

Book Blurb for Coming Back for Drew

Sequel to The Camera Never Lies

Separated by bitterness and mistakes, Luis and Drew have tried to forget the love they once shared. Neither has done a good job.

When the former lovers accidentally meet in a French Quarter gay bar, six years of regret, anger and pent-up emotions erupt—but their passion is hotter than ever. Deciding their relationship is worth fighting for, the couple rekindles their romance, determined to find their way back to a lasting happiness.

Until a tragic event changes their lives irrevocably.

Now, with Drew desperately in need of someone to lean on, Luis has to decide if he’s strong enough for the job…strong enough to be there for Drew forever.

A Romantica® GLBT erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Krewe Daddy.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 2.50