Cold Fusion

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Cold Fusion

This was a unique and lovely story about two unlikely men who end up falling for each other. Mal is an animal activist who is passionate about saving whales. A freak accident destroys everything he's worked for and sends him back to the village he grew up in. Various circumstances lead him to meeting Viv, a brilliant scientist who has isolated himself while working on cold fusion. Viv is on the Autism spectrum and as a result he and Mal sees things very differently but over time find they have some common ground.

I thought the strong point of this book was the characterization. Both main characters were well done and different than we often see in the romance genre. Even though we see Mal at his worst at the beginning of the book, I still found myself invested in what was going to happen to him. Viv was also well done and I liked his character a lot. I especially enjoyed the parts of the story where they realize that they're falling for each other.

The overall plot was entertaining but I found parts of it pretty unrealistic. I had to suspend belief for big chunks of the last half of the book. The romance was also insta-love and a especially hard to believe considering Viv had very limited social skills. Despite these things I found that I enjoyed the story.

Even though I had some issues with the book they weren't big enough to effect my overall enjoyment of the story. It still ended up being a pretty good read for me.

Book Blurb for Cold Fusion

Their love is the catalyst that could save the planet…or cost their lives.

As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior, Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations. Until his hotheadedness costs the lives of two fellow crewmembers on an anti-whaling mission.

He finds no refuge in his hometown on Scotland’s north coast, where everyone knows what this son of a broken fisherman has done. Effectively homeless, Mal returns to one of his favorite places—Spindrift, a rustic colony of artist and crafter huts.

Spindrift is dilapidated and empty, save for a lone resident. Vivian Calder, a brilliant but emotionally detached scientist who appears to have done the impossible—mastered cold fusion. A clean, free, limitless source of power.

Despite Viv’s aversion to contact, a fragile bond forms between them, seemingly one atom at a time. Until Mal, determined to redeem himself by revealing Viv’s accomplishment to the world, brings down the wrath of an oil-dependent establishment, risking not only their love, but Viv’s life.

Warning: Contains a disgraced environmentalist and an autistic genius who go from strangers to lovers-for-life in thirteen days. Don’t believe in miracles? We’ll make you.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00