Circus of Secrets

Shortly after the Great Depression young college grad Peter inherits a circus from a long lost uncle. The circus is filled with a cast of unusual characters and Peter is not sure what he got himself in to. One of the characters that most intrigues Peter is Kaelen. The story unfolds in to a romance in a gothic type setting.

This was a really unique plot. I enjoy circus stories in general and this one was done well. The author painted a wonderful setting and I could vividly picture myself there. The two main characters were engaging and there was a hosts of interesting side characters. The story flowed well with just the right amount of mystery, of romance and of emotions. This was a first time read of this author for me and I'm looking forward to checking out more work by them.

Book Blurb for Circus of Secrets

As America pulls itself from the depths of the Great Depression, young college grad Peter Zelinsky inherits a circus from a long-lost uncle and is reluctantly drawn into an unfamiliar world of wild animals, roustabouts, performers, and dark desires. He soon becomes intrigued by an exotic sideshow performer with the physique of a man but the plumage of a bird, fur, and scales. The closer he gets to Kaelan, the deeper the mystery he finds surrounding the seductive performer, his uncle, and a fortuneteller.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00