Blue-Eyed Stranger

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Blue-Eyed Stranger

A Trowchester Blues Novel, #2

I am quickly becoming a big fan of this author. There is just something about the way that she writes that I find unique and compelling. In this second book in the series Martin is a black school teacher who spends all his free time acting in Viking re-enactments. Martin is also gay and very much in the closet. One weekend at an event he meets Billy, a Morris dancer (and yes I did have to Google Morris dancing)and the two men instantly hit it off. They quickly fall in to a relationship (which probably wasn't very realistic but I enjoyed it anyways). Both men are struggling with personal issues. Billy struggles with a lifetime problem of depression and Martin is having problems with his work. The two men are going through very difficult periods of their lives but somehow they provide the strength for the other to get through it.

The plot was unique and I thought the author did a good job portraying Billy's depression. The information about their re-enactment companies was interesting without being too detailed. The ending was such a beautiful "aahh" moment. I loved it. Can't wait to read more in this series.

Book Blurb for Blue-Eyed Stranger

Billy Wright has a problem: he’s only visible when he’s wearing a mask. That’s fine when he’s performing at country fairs with the rest of his morris dancing troupe. But when he takes the paint off, his life is lonely and empty, and he struggles with crippling depression.

Martin Deng stands out from the crowd. After all, there aren’t that many black Vikings on the living history circuit. But as the founder of a fledgling historical re-enactment society, he’s lonely and harried. His boss doesn’t like his weekend activities, his warriors seem to expect him to run everything single-handedly, and it’s stressful enough being one minority without telling the hard men of his group he’s also gay.

When Billy’s and Martin’s societies are double-booked at a packed county show, they know at once they are kindred spirits, united by a deep feeling of connectedness to their history and culture. But they’re also both hiding in their different ways, and they need each other to be brave enough to take their masks off and still be seen.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00