Bayou's End

Rougaroux Social Club, #2

This is the second book in the Rougaroux Social Club series. This book focuses on Peter Graham who we first saw in book one. Peter was the younger artist who Ted took under his wing. In this story Peter is in trouble and he comes back looking for Ted to help him. Ted is out of town with his mate and deputy Billy Trosclair is covering for him. He takes Peter back to his house in an effort to help while they are waiting on Ted to get back. The two men are instantly attracted to each other and things get pretty steamy, pretty quick. While the pack has accepted their alpha being gay they are not very open to having more gay members and some bad things happen.

I enjoyed this book but not as much as book one. This is one of those books that is hard to review because I don't have a concrete reason why I didn't like it as much. I just didn't. I didn't connect to the character's story as much as the other two books in the series. It's fast paced and pretty steamy which is always a plus in my opinion. It does have some sex in shifter form and some other things that may bother some readers so take note of the author's warnings. I personally did not find anything in it to be too much or to be offensive in any way.

Book Blurb for Bayou's End

Series: Rougaroux Social Club; Previous Book: Bayou Dreams

Peter Graham’s pack threw him out when they discovered he was gay. Ever since then, Peter’s been adrift. Denying his wolf and being the boy toy of a string of older men is all Peter knows. But when his lover brings another man to their bed, and that man abuses Peter, there’s nothing left for Peter but to run, all the way back to St. Jerome, a small town on the edge of the bayou, where he once painted. He meets Billy Trosclair, a deputy and a werewolf, and discovers the town’s secret -- the Rougaroux wolf pack. They have a gay man as their alpha who is mated to a gay man. To Peter this looks like home, but he’s not the type of man either Billy or the pack would want.

Not everyone in the pack is happy about the inclusion of gay werewolves, and Peter joining the pack is seen by some as a threat. Can Billy keep his mate safe until he claims Peter in front of the pack?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, sex in shifted form, violence (date rape, beating).

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50