Bayou Loup

Rougaroux Social Club, #3

This is book three in the Rougaroux Social Club. This book focuses on Bobby who is the older, retired alpha of the pack. We have gotten to know him from both of the first two books. Bobby was married to a woman for many years as this is what his wolf wanted. The man always knew he was attracted to men. (This is a really unqiue aspect to this series. The man and his wolf may not have the same sexual orientation leading to all kinds of problems). Bobby sneaks away to gay bars sometimes and this one weekend he meets Mark who is a professor at a local college. The men have what is supposed to be a no strings weekend but they both leave with stronger feelings than they would like. It gets more complicated because Mark's area of research is on wolves and proving that wolves do live in the bayou.

I think this was my favorite book in this series. The characters are a little older and more mature. They have an interesting story going through the book and their relationship took time to develop. These two were great together and the sex scenes were really steamy. We see all the other guys from the previous books as well as some of the side characters like alpha's kooky mom. She causing trouble again in ways only she can.

This was a really enjoyable and super steamy read. If you're a fan of the series it's a must read. While these books are probably better if you've read the prior ones it is not a must. This can be read as a stand alone.

Book Blurb for Bayou Loup

Genre: LGBT Paranormal Shape-shifter

Series: Rougaroux Social Club; Previous Book: Bayou's End

After spending a hot, no-holds-barred sex-filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark, werewolf Bobby Cotteau isn’t sure but he thinks he’s found a new mate. Problem is he never got his lover’s real name. Or his phone number, or even where he lives. But that’s not Bobby’s only problem.

Mark is Professor Mark Bradford, and he’s spent his career as a zoologist trying to prove there are wolves living in the swamps around St. Jerome. If he can do this, he’ll make a name for himself, restore his reputation and maybe even name them after his father, who was killed by a wolf during a camping trip in the swamp with a teenaged Mark. But after a weekend of the best sex of his life, Mark’s fallen hard for Bobby, but without the man’s real name, he has no hopes of ever seeing him again. And the longer they’re apart, the more desperate he is to find Bobby. It’s like he’s under some kind of spell.

Meanwhile, at the Rougaroux Social Club’s yearly Rugarou Festival, which Bobby is in charge of, everything is falling apart. The forecast is for storms, the Virgin Mary has appeared a tree on the festival grounds at the church, pilgrims are swarming, and beer is being sold... and his new mate is about to expose Bobby’s pack to the world.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00