Back to You

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Back to You

This was a fantastic romance suspense type story. Alex Buchanan and Benji Morning were best friends until their teens. Benji's sister turned up missing and it was an event that disrupted the entire community. Shortly after that Alex's parents started fighting and his mother took them and left. While the boys promised to keep in touch, that didn't happen.

Twenty years later, Alex gets a call that his father is dying and has requested to see him. Alex goes home in hopes of writing a story about his tumultuous relationship with the man.

A part of him has never forgotten Benji so he soon looks him up. They find that they're as attracted to each other as they were before and despite it being a bad idea for many reasons they begin spend time with each other.

Unfortunately the past won't stay buried and the two men find themselves in the middle of secrets and family drama from the past.

The writing in this was so good. It was atmospheric and had an almost dream like quality to it. The setting was done so well I felt like I was right there with Alex and Benji is this small, remote town.

The mystery part is fictional but it is based on real life events. Since the 1970's numerous young girls have gone missing upon an isolated stretch of highway on B.C. Canada. It is called the Highway of Tears. I fell into a hole of Googling about this and I have to say the author did a great job of making the book mystery fictional while keeping all the back story and facts true. I was sucked right into this part.

I also really liked the romance aspect. These two characters were great together. Their scenes were heartfelt and very romantic in places. You could feel their emotions jump off of the page.

I highly recommend this book. It is really well done and I liked every aspect of it. I will also be going back and reading all of this author's other works now.

Book Blurb for Back to You

Journalist Alex Buchanan has come home to the remote British Columbia town he grew up in, but only because his estranged father is dying. For Alex, the homecoming holds a mix of memories, mostly bad. The only bright spot is reconnecting with Benji Morning, the childhood friend he never truly forgot. As boys, the strength of their bond had frightened Alex. But now that he's confident in his bisexuality, he's drawn back to quiet, soft-spoken Ben.

Ben isn't the same boy Alex left behind, though. His life has been overshadowed by the disappearance of his sister two decades earlier, and now a new break in the case threatens to undo the peace he's worked so hard to attain.

As Alex struggles to repair the relationship with his father before it's too late, he finds himself caught up in a twenty-year-old mystery, a story he never expected, and a shocking truth that could affect his and Ben's future together.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50