Archangel's Enigma

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Archangel's Enigma

Guild Hunter, #8

Archangel’s Enigma was an excellent installment in the Guild Hunter series. When rumors begin that someone is out to kill an Ancient before he wakes, Archangel Raphael decides to send one of his men to stop this from happening. Out of his Seven - Naasir is the most qualified to go though he needs the assistance of angel scholar Andi. These two head off on a fast paced and action filled adventure as they work to keep the horrible event from happening.

I don't want to say much about the plot as there is no way to do so without major spoilers. What you need to know is this book was great. It had everything that makes for a great paranormal romance; an interesting plot, a sexy hero, and a strong heroine. I’ll admit that I had some reservations about Naasir being the main focus of this book. He has never been one of my favorites of the Seven. He turned out to be an awesome character for this story. He was alpha when he needed to be but was respectful and funny and loving the rest of the time. We finally learn exactly what he is and we get to see glimpses of his childhood that were really touching. These glimpses give us a look at both Raphael and Dmitri as we have not seen them before. I also really loved Andi. She was a perfect heroine for me. She was strong when she needed to be and was a solid support for Naasir.

All of the other characters were seen in this book, and there is a set up for a future story with fan favorite Illium. This was a really solid story in this series and these two are my favorite couple beside Raphael and Elena. This is a must read for Guild Hunter fans.

Book Blurb for Archangel's Enigma

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh returns to her world of dark passion and immortal power - and to one of the most seductive and impenetrable heroes ever to stalk the Guild Hunter landscape...

Naasir is the most feral of the powerful group of vampires and angels known as the Seven, his loyalty pledged to the Archangel Raphael. When rumors surface of a plot to murder the former Archangel of Persia, now lost in the Sleep of the Ancients, Naasir is dispatched to find him. For only he possesses the tracking skills required - those more common to predatory animals than to man.

Enlisted to accompany Naasir, Andromeda, a young angelic scholar with dangerous secrets is fascinated by his nature - at once playful and brilliant, sensual and brutal. As they race to find the Sleeping archangel before it's too late, Naasir will force her to question all she knows...and tempt her to walk into the magnificent, feral darkness of his world. But first they must survive an enemy vicious enough to shatter the greatest taboo of the angelic race and plunge the world into a screaming nightmare...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50