A Prayer for the Dead

A Tom and Stanley Novel

In this seventh installment of the Deadly Mysteries series Stanley is just getting out of the hospital from an injury. He's approached by a friar who asks him to come and stay at his monastery while he recuperates. Soon Stanley and his friend Chris head down for a visit but upon their arrival they find Father Brighton dead. The doctor writes it up as natural causes but Stanley finds that others have died recently and the monastery's finances are not in order. Joined by his partner Tom, the men begin working to solve the mystery.

Although this is a later book in the series it was my first time reading any of them. I was able to follow along well and did not have any trouble figuring out who each character was. I found the author's writing style to be unique and I wasn't sure I liked it at first. It took a bit for me to get in to it but once I did I enjoyed the quirkiness of it. The mystery was good and I was entertained with it throughout the book. The love story was interesting. They are an established couple when this book begins but they seemed to not be very stable to me. I am curious to go back and read how they got together and I am curious as to where the future will take them.

Overall a solid and well written story. It was fun and entertaining and as previously stated I'm looking forward to checking out more books in the series.

Book Blurb for A Prayer for the Dead

Does murder follow Tom and Stanley around, or do they follow the murders?

After a hospital stay, Stanley is invited by Father Brighton to convalesce at St. Marywood, an isolated monastery on the ocean cliffs of Big Sur. Upon arrival, Stanley finds Father Brighton dead. The order’s doctor writes it up as a death by natural causes, but those seem to be quite prevalent at the monastery. The recent demise of a young brother who fell from the cliffs is described as an accident, but Stanley’s nose is twitching. Plus the order’s finances have taken a sudden, mysterious turn for the better. Is something rotten at St. Marywood?

Stanley and Tom can’t resist digging around even if it means testing their tumultuous relationship against a gaggle of handsome, young, virginal, and—they are told—gay men.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00