A Gentleman Revealed

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A Gentleman Revealed

A Lords of Avenleigh Novel Book 1

I'm always on the hunt for new (or new to me) historical authors so I was excited to try this book. "A Gentleman Revealed" is an alternative history m/m Regency romance. The world isn't too different. The biggest change is m/m relationships are an excepted aspect of society. There are also some changes of countries and places.

Marcus is a happy and sweet Lord. He has three older brothers and a widowed father. They are a close knit family and his father wants nothing but his son's happiness.

Alistair is Marcus' opposite. He's the secret, illegitimate brother of the king. He has a lot of emotional and self-esteem issues and as a result he has a difficult time believing Marcus' cares for him.

I enjoyed the overall plot but there was a lot of back and forth and push and pull between these two. There were times it got on my nerves. There were a lot of series issues looked at in this story and they were weaved in a complex way that made me decide to overlook the little things that bothered me.

Overall I enjoyed this and I will read more by this author. Once I started reading this I realized it was a spin off of another series. I think I will also try that one.

Book Blurb for A Gentleman Revealed

A Gay Historical Romance

From New York Times bestselling author Deidre Knight, writing as Cooper Davis, comes a thrilling new romance series, set in an alternative Victorian world, where gentlemen may openly court and marry fellow noblemen....

Alistair Finley has spent years concealing the truth of his illegitimacy. The bastard son of the late king and half-brother to the man who now occupies the throne, Alistair fears ruination.  He has never allowed himself love or companionship. Until he meets the handsome young Lord Marcus Avenleigh.

Marcus has spent two years attempting to gain the notice of the king's shy secretary. Tempting Alistair out of the shadows and into his bed, however, proves a daunting task. The self-proclaimed spinster has made a profession of decorating the wings of every social gala, denying Marcus and every other eligible bachelor a formal introduction.

When Lady Elsevier's annual ball presents a daring moment, Marcus invites Alistair to waltz. What Marcus can't know is that his would-be paramour has chosen drink and the life of a lonely bachelor above ever risking his heart, or his king's own reputation.He’s bound in lies and secrecy, and the past must never, ever be revealed...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.00