A Demon in Waiting

Sons of Gulielmus, #1

John is twenty-eight and has never left the land he was raised on. His mother is part of a religious cult and he has grown up thinking the leader was his father. After being thrown out John meets his real father, Gulielmus, an incubus demon. This father explains that since John is also half incubus demon it is his destiny to seduce women and to take their souls.

Ariel is driving across the country to return to her childhood home. She has found a great job in the area and she plans to live with her grandmother. Ariel sees John hitchhiking and decides to take a chance on picking him up.

As they head across the country together they begin to have feelings for each other. John decides he wants more than seducing strange women from his life but his father is not going to let him go easily.

The concept for the story was good but execution needed some work. There was a lot of information given at the beginning that was just dropped on us and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on. There were a lot of characters and the storyline became more complicated as it went on. That would have been alright but there was not enough world building and character development to support it. I was a little confused in places but more importantly I was not really committed to the two main characters. I found myself not being interested in what happened to them. I was reading just to finish the story not because I was dying to know how it ended. Overall this was just an OK read for me.

Book Blurb for A Demon in Waiting

After twenty-eight years, skeptic John Tate is cast out of his cult. As he has neither money nor education, he’s completely without prospects. That is, until Gulielmus, his long-silent demon daddy, swoops in with a job offer this half incubus can’t refuse: seducing women for Team Hell. Sounds like a great gig for a virgin.

Ariel Thomas knows smart women don’t stop for hitchhikers, but the one she spots on the Arizona roadside lures her like an irresistible mirage. For once in her well-regimented life she decides to do something out of character, and offers the gorgeous hobo a ride. She’s got a long drive ahead to North Carolina, and what better way to stay awake behind the wheel than to have eye candy to ogle?

John’s unsophisticated charm makes Ariel swoon, and he’s enthralled by her worldliness. The two fall hard and fast, but Gulielmus wants to put the skids on their cross-country love affair. John may be hiding his true nature, but Ariel has some secrets in her family tree Team Hell won’t forgive.

Demon spawn aren’t supposed to fall in love with their prey, and John is forced to make the age-old choice: good versus evil. Who’d be easier to run from—his powerful demon father or the woman who actually thinks he’s worth loving?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.00